Becoming An Authentic Leader

The 2017 Leadercare retreat  

We live in a culture that hungers for authenticity. However, in my experience traveling around the United States and overseas, finding leaders who are free to be authentically who God has created them to be are in short supply.

Rather, I encounter too many men and women serving in churches who are, as Presenter Tom Brashears writes, "captive to a list of often unspoken norms and expectations that have formed a culture that is unsafe and inauthentic for life and ministry. These norms define Leadership by behaviors, get us caught in creating fixed forms, and strip away our God given authenticity. I's time to get your Authentic Leadership back. This is the focus of our retreat."

In five sessions, we will build five internal qualities which are essential to our experience of conscious, Authentic Leadership and the marks that define it. Presenters Danny Mullins and Tom Brashears are both gifted in helping others move from leadership to being Authentic Leaders, and model this movement in their own lives and ministries.

We will gather together with the Lord and one another at the Old Mission San Luis Rey in April where we will share times of unhurried and relaxed worship, lingering in the presence of the Lord. We will receive experiential instruction from our presenters, process and pray over what they share, and then return home with the tools necessary to continue our growth in Authentic Leadership.

There will also be a block of free time designed to help you rest and be refreshed. That time will make space for some designed activities such as walking, surfing, golfing, shooting at a gun range, or just resting in your room. Appointments for Immanuel Prayer and Spiritual Direction will also be available.

Please join us. It will be well worth making the effort to be there. See ya in Oceanside in April!

Mike Bradley

Director, Alliance of Renewal Churches

retreat details

Dates: April 25-27, 2017

Start Time: 1:00 p.m., April 25

Closing Time: 11:30 a.m, April 27

Location:  The Old Mission San Luis Rey in Oceanside, CA

Cost: $300 (single) $250 (double)

  • Covers lodging and all meals
  • Single and Double Occupancy Rooms available
  • All bedding is provided

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Featuring Danny Mullins & Tom Brashears

Worship Leader: bob mabry

Our presenters this year, Danny Mullins and Tom Brashears, embody the organic connection between growth in personal wholeness and in the skills necessary for effective management of ministry.

Bob Mabry will be leading a gifted worship team for the retreat.