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We're glad you stopped by to visit us!

We are glad you have stopped by to visit us.

Our vision is to love, connect, and care for leaders. And our mission is to impact congregations, communities, and countries by building kingdom friendships and strategic alliances, and equipping leaders for healthy ministry.

The atmosphere of life and ministry in the ARC is set within the boundaries of historic Christian orthodoxy, the ARC’s core values, and an embracing of the evangelical, sacramental, and charismatic streams of the Christian faith.

In the ARC we experience life and ministry in the context of kingdom friendships. We highly value relationships that are authentic and safe. To be a member in the Alliance of Renewal Churches is to be part of a band of brothers and sisters who are for each other and against anything that will cause us harm, a band that will not let anyone settle for less than all God has for us.

While providing a safe place for kingdom relationships, we do not view them as an end in themselves. Rather, they are the context in which we are transformed to think, speak, and act more like Jesus. Jesus was a safe place for the lost and searching, the wounded and weary. At the same time he was also dangerous for and to—dangerous for the kingdom of God and a threat to the plans of the enemy.

We want to be just like Jesus. We want to live with a healthy disregard for the impossible so that we can live fully into God's redemptive purposes for our lives.

Thanks again for stopping by,

Mike Bradley
Director, Alliance of Renewal Churches