Graeme Sellers (pictured center) will be our presenter to open the 2020 LeaderCare Retreats. Graeme is Lead Pastor for Wonderful Mercy Church in Gilbert, AZ and a member of the ARC National Leadership Team. Graeme will be setting the stage for us regarding our theme, "God Encounters, Kingdom Friends," with his opening session, "The Night I Had a Beer with Elvis." What does sharing a beer with Elvis have to do with experiencing God encounters and developing kingdom friends? Well, you'll just have to register and attend one or both of the ARC LeaderCare Retreats this year.

Some of our Instructors for the retreat will include ARC leaders, Lindsay Elizabeth, Brendon Fairley and Danny Mullins. Lindsay is Youth Pastor at Wonderful Mercy and is a gifted artist. She will be leading one of our Menu items for connecting with the Lord, which will be "Connecting Through Art." Danny Mullins will provide us with some instruction on connecting with the Lord in His Word we set with Him in a Sacred Reading exercise. Brendon will be giving some instruction for a Directed Prayer Walk with the Lord and then send participants out to walk and talk with the Lord and then to regroup for processing of this experience. More information on other sessions and presenters will be coming soon.

Our times of worship are always set in a relaxed, unhurried manner. It is not unusual for Holy Spirit to lead us into times of personal prayer and prophetic ministry that comforts, encourages, and strengthens us. At this year's SoCal LeaderCare Retreat we will have a worship team of two - Nathan Hoff and Bob Mabry.

Bob and Nathan's acoustic style will lend itself really well to the atmosphere we are seeking to create for this year's retreats, and so will the love of the Father which they both incarnate.