congregational services

The ARC exists to serve its leaders and congregations. Among the services and resources we provide our members are the following:

  • A Home With A Unique Spiritual DNA. The ARC provides congregations with a home that has a spiritual DNA, which embraces the evangelical, charismatic, and sacramental streams of the Christian faith, provides a place where the empowering presence of Holy Spirit is celebrated, not merely tolerated, a place where our historic Reformation roots provide stability as we minister in an ever-changing cultural scene, and a network that is focused on and committed to kingdom advancement.
  • An Atmosphere Beneficial for Kingdom Ministry and Mission. We embrace core values which create an atmosphere rich with a tangible sense of God's presence, filled with a healthy disregard for the impossible, and a refusal to settle for less than all God has for us.
  • Intentional LeaderCare. One of the best things the ARC can do for its churches is to care for their leaders. Leaders who are cared for will be better able to care for and lead others in a healthy manner. This is why the ARC is intentional in caring for its leaders. We do this through the development of one-to-one relationships that are authentic and safe, mentoring, Life Together Groups, and Life Together Day events.
  • ARC Nights of Worship, Relationships, and Ministry. The ARC periodically hosts nights of worship with opportunity for prayer and prophetic ministry in Minneapolis, Phoenix, and Southern California. Members of ARC congregations are encouraged as they come together and experience being part of something bigger than their local church, develop relationships with one another, and by positioning themselves to receive what God has in store for them by being in the same place at the same time with one another and the Lord.
  • Leader Development Through Continuing Education. The ARC helps further leadership development by providing continuing education for staff-level leadership through annual LeaderCare Retreats and by providing training seminars on leadership development designed specifically and hosted locally for congregational leadership.
  • Ministry Training for Congregational Members. The ARC comes alongside pastors to help equip the members of ARC congregations for the ministry opportunities God has called them to fulfill by providing ministry training seminars in the context of local congregations.
  • Preaching Resources. We provide preaching resources upon request for your congregation. ARC leaders can be invited to preach a message based on a sermon series you may be currently running, on a particular topic you ask them to preach on, on a word from the Lord that we believe to be for all ARC members, or they can preach a sermon on one of our God-given core values.
  • Ongoing Prayer Support. We are committed to contending in prayer for our leaders and congregations to fulfill the purposes God has created them to fulfill. We make ongoing prayer support available by providing training and coaching for intercessory and personal prayer ministry.
  • Coaching and Consultation Services. The ARC stands ready to answer calls and be there to provide consultation on an individual or congregational basis as needed. We have resources to help coach leaders in the management of ministry, the development and implementation of strategic planning, and conflict resolution and management.
  • Call Committee Consultation and Support. The ARC provides consultation and support services to congregational call committees when requested.
  • Networking for Job Placement. The ARC helps connect churches who need staff-level personnel with ARC members who are available for call and placement.
  • A Pension Plan. For those who do not have one of their own, we have a pension plan available.