joining the arc

Joining the ARC is a commitment to relationship with other leaders and churches in the ARC and a commitment to embracing and integrating the ARC mission, identity, and non-negotiable core values into the life of leaders and churches.

If churches are not committed to integrating and living out the mission, identity, and core values of the ARC they need not apply for membership; nor should churches apply if joining the ARC is merely to satisfy a small group of their congregation who are charismatic.

We recommend the church and its leadership take time to get to know us and speak with the ARC Leadership Team until they discern a strong sense of unity with the ARC’s mission, identity, beliefs and non-negotiable core values.

The church or the individual interested in joining requests an application from the ARC office. If we are not familiar with your congregation or you as an individual, an ARC representative will meet with you.

The ARC Leadership Team will review the application and make a decision within one month after receiving the application.

Churches that vote must have a 75% affirmative vote, but a vote is not necessary if the leadership makes this decision

For more information or to request a membership application please contact us at: