leadercare ministries

LeaderCare's Mission
LeaderCare is a ministry of the ARC providing the intentional care, encouragement, and training necessary for potential seminarians, lay people, and pastors and their staffs to grow in personal wholeness and their capacity for effective leadership and management of ministry.

LeaderCare's Vision
Transforming congregations, communities, and countries by helping leaders become the best version of themselves they can be.

LeaderCare's Conviction
The selection of leaders, both ordained and lay, is one of the most crucial decisions congregations make because as leaders go, so go the people of God. Healthy and effective leaders position God's people to receive His guidance and blessing. Unhealthy and ineffective leaders place people in harm's way. Not every leader is committed to growing in emotional, relational, and spiritual health, and some do not have (and are unwilling to develop) the skills necessary for effective leadership or management of ministry. Thus, both the care and development of leaders is one of the most important and tangible ways that the Alliance of Renewal Churches can support its member congregations.