Life Together events

ARC Life Together Day and Evening Events are hosted three times a year in Minneapolis, Phoenix, and Huntington Beach.

The purpose of our Life Together Events is to provide a safe place where ARC leaders and Friends of the ARC can meet as peers in an intentional manner to share life together and grow in authentic relationship with one another; worship in a relaxed and unhurried setting, and receive teaching, personal prayer and prophetic ministry that encourages and equips us.

Building Kingdom Friendships as you meet other leaders in a setting that is a safe place for real and authentic relationship; nurturing existing friendships and building new ones

Stay Connected, Be Refreshed, and Be Ministered To as we gather together in the same place at the same time with Holy Spirit and each other; worshiping the Lord, praying with one another, and taking the position of being for one another and against anything that would harm us

Nurture Our Unique Spiritual DNA and Core Values in which we embrace the evangelical, charismatic, and sacramental streams of the Christian Faith and celebrate rather than merely tolerate the empowering presence of Holy Spirit

Be Authentically Transformed so we think, speak, and act more like Jesus through the Holy Spirit's power that is at work in the context of relationships that are safe

Develop Strategic, Missional and Networking Alliances as you discover other leaders and churches you can partner with concerning shared missional passions; and networking with other leaders and churches who have training resources that can help you and your congregation grow in ministry skills they have experience and expertise in

Laugh and Have Fun because fun and laughter is good for our souls, can help us build a safe place

Elements of Life Together Events
  • Gather together and reconnect with one another
  • Minster to the Lord in worship and experience personal prayer and prophetic ministry as led by Holy Spirit
  • Receive and encouraging, challenging, and relevant teaching

  • Respond to the teaching as led by the Holy Spirit
  • Depart in peace

For more information on an ARC Life Together Day or Evening near you, contact ARC Director Mike Bradley
Phone: 763-226-0860

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