leadercare resources

The ARC offers the following strategic resources to help leaders maintain a vital relationship with the Lord, grow in personal wholeness, and develop the capacity for effective leadership and management of ministry.

  • Life Together Groups

    Life Together Groups provide a safe place where groups of 3-5 leaders meet to share life and ministry together. In these groups participants can:

    • help one another to continue growing as followers of Christ who are being transformed to think, speak, and act more like Jesus
    • position themselves in relationships that provide the support and encouragement required to navigate life and ministry in emotionally, relationally, and spiritually healthy ways
    • help one another hear, process, and discern how to faithfully respond to what God is saying to them and wanting to do in their lives
    • be further equipped and empowered for effective leadership and management of ministry

  • Life together EVENTS

    The ARC hosts Life Together Days or Evenings three times a year in three regions of the country (Southern California, Arizona, and Minnesota) to provide a safe place where ARC leaders and Friends of the ARC can meet in an intentional manner to share life together and grow in authentic relationship with one another. We worship in a relaxed and unhurried manner, receive teaching that equips us for ministry, and often experience personal prayer and prophetic ministry that refreshes and encourages us.

  • Annual leadercare retreats

    The ARC hosts annual retreats in the Midwest and Southwest that combine a focus on intentional soul care and growth in personal wholeness along with skill training for effective leadership and management of ministry.

  • mentoring

    The ARC helps connect its leaders in relationship with mentors and provides training in mentoring skills for its member leaders and congregations.

  • coaching and consultation

    The ARC provides coaching and consultation resources for its leaders and congregations upon request available through on-site visits, and telephone, email, and Zoom video platforms.

  • personal retreats for rest, prayer, and healing

    The ARC can connect leaders with resources for personal retreats of rest, prayer, and healing.

  • Immanuel healing prayer

    The ARC connects leaders for  appointments with trained Immanuel Prayer ministers, and provides training and coaching in the Immanuel Prayer Ministry model.

  • Spiritual direction

    The ARC connects leaders with trained Spiritual Directors and provides resources for training in the discipline of spiritual direction.

  • training seminars

    The ARC provides seminars on topics that are essential for responsible leader care and development in a congregational context. Among the seminars we offer are:

    • Being a Safe Place
    • Holy Spirit: What Difference Does He Make?
    • Building Healthy Leaders
    • Emotionally Healthy Leaders and Spirituality
    • Immanuel Prayer Ministry
    • Spiritual Formation
    • Leadership in the Kingdom of God
    • Hearing God Together
    • And man