ARC Life together days this spring

The purpose of our Life Together Events is to provide a safe place where ARC leaders and Friends of the ARC can meet as peers in an intentional manner to share life together and grow in authentic relationship with one another; worship in a relaxed and unhurried setting, and receive teaching, personal prayer and prophetic ministry that encourages and equips us.

  • Minnesota life together Day

    There will be no Spring Minnesota Life Together Day as the ARC National LeaderCare event will be hosted in Minneapolis on April 24-26.

  • Arizona Life together day

    Date, times, location, and speaker will be announced soon

  • Southern California DAY

    Thursday, May 17th

    10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

    Presenters: Michelle and Jeremey King, "The Relationship Between Counseling, Therapy, and Inner Healing Prayer"

    Location to be announced soon