How do i get started in a life together group?

A first step in getting started in a Life Together Group can be to contact ARC Director Mike Bradley, or Director of Development, Heidi McClure with your request at:


Mike Bradley, ARC Director, Email:

Heidi McClure, ARC Director of Development, Email:


Another first step can be to consider your own relational connections. Who is it that you know that you’d like to form an ARC Life Together Group with? Here are a few thoughts questions on this that can help you get started:


  • Look around you and your network of relationships and ask:
  • Who do I want to get to know?
  • Who do I want to hang out with?
  • Who would I like to disciple me?
  • Who do you want me to invite to join a group, Lord?
  • Who would be a safe place person for me?


Prayerfully consider what you need in a group


Determine you are committed to making these relationships a priority and meeting regularly


If you are an experienced, seasoned leader, a question that may help you get started is to ask: “Who do I have a relationship with that I would like to be more intentional about mentoring?”


Ask the people who have come to your mind if they would like to begin meeting (your group determines when and how often).


Contact Mike Bradley and Heidi McClure for training in how to be a part of and help facilitate an ARC Life Together Group.