ARC Life together groups

purpose and benefits


The purpose of ARC Life Together groups is to provide a safe place where leaders can meet to share life and ministry together, helping one another grow as healthy disciples and leaders.




Building Kingdom Friendships That are Authentic and Safe

You will have the opportunity to grow in friendships with other leaders in a setting that is a safe place for nurturing authentic relationships.

You will experience having friends who are for you and against anything that will harm you; friends who will not let you settle for anything less than all God has in store for you; friends who will contend for you in prayer so that God’s purposes will be realized in your life

You will develop relationships with one another that can help you navigate life and ministry in emotional, relational, and spiritually healthy ways.

Staying Connected, Refreshed, and Ministered To

Life Together groups will enable you to stay connected with other like-minded leaders.

You will be refreshed as you gather together in the same place at the same time with the Lord and one another – even if that place is via video.

You will be ministered to by God in the context of these relationships and will experience the power of God at work in your life through gifts such as encouragement, personal prayer, and prophetic ministry.

Helping one another be attentive to God’s presence, voice, and activity

We seek to help one another be attentive to God’s presence, voice, and activity in our lives

Together we help one another hear, process, and discern how to faithfully respond to what God is saying to us, showing us, and wanting to do in our lives

Nurturing a Unique Spiritual DNA

You will help one another embrace and nurture the unique spiritual DNA God has given us in the ARC.

That DNA embraces the evangelical, charismatic, and sacramental streams of the Christian Faith; celebrates the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit; and is committed to ministering out of the non-negotiable core values and philosophy of ministry that God has called the ARC to be faithful to.