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  • Loving, Connecting, and Caring For Leaders

    A Renewed and focused vision for the ARC

    “What is the Alliance of Renewal Churches (ARC) about? What does it do?” Those were the questions posed recently by a pastor-friend to ARC leader, Nathan Hoff. "You know,” Nathan said, “I haven't been a part of the conversation from the inside of the ARC leadership, but from what I see and experience, they are strategically investing in leaders, and in the leader's health, and that is affecting congregations in significant ways."


    I could not have said it better. Nathan was able to put into other words the ARC’s vision to love, connect, and care for leaders. This is who we are; this is what we do. As we carry out this God-given vision we will impact congregations, communities, and countries by building kingdom friendships and strategic alliances, and equipping leaders for healthy ministry. As Nathan Hoff says, the vision of the ARC is something that will impact congregations as well as the lives of leaders—both lay and ordained, volunteer and paid staff.


    Soul Care: Loving, Connecting, and Caring Leaders

                It has become clear that God’s call upon the ARC is to love, connect, and care for leaders and for their souls. This has not always been a priority in the body of Christ. John Ortberg writes, “Our problem is that this world does not teach us to pay attention to
     what matters. We circulate résumés that chronicle what we have accomplished, not who we have become.” We have often been given the vision or tools to care for our souls. But it is something we must do because everything—who we are and what we do—flows out of the condition of our souls.


                The ARC is called to care about leaders and the condition of their souls.
    We already have a number of strategies in place to carry out this renewed vision. Further, every event and strategic imitative we already have in place will be evaluated and changed where necessary to better carry out our mandate to love, connect, and care for leaders.


                We will continue to provide Life Together Groups, Life Together Events (for both leaders and members of congregations), LeaderCare Retreats, Leadership Development events, Immanuel Prayer and Spiritual Direction appointments and training, one-on-one video consulting and pastoral care calls, and coaching and mentoring. While evaluating and upgrading each of these strategic initiatives we are positioning ourselves before the Lord to hear and put in place new resources that can help us carry out our vision.


    A Unique Place to Belong

    “But if your vision focuses on leaders, what does that mean for our congregation?” some might ask. The short answer is that it will change nothing in terms of the services we’ve provided for congregations in the past and will actually upgrade our capacity to be more effective in how we serve your church.


    The ARC will continue to provide a place of belonging where churches as well as leaders can experience the unique, shared spiritual DNA God has given us. We will continue to be a home for those who embrace the evangelical, sacramental, and charismatic streams of the Christian Faith, and celebrate, rather than merely tolerate, the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit. The ARC will continue to provide opportunities for relationships that are authentic and safe. We will still be a place where churches can be encouraged to move out of revelation and not reason alone, and can experience a rich sense of God’s tangible presence whenever we are intentional to gather together in the same place at the same time with the Lord and one another. We will continue to provide national ARC Gatherings on a periodically; in these events we’ll cast vision, build relationships, and equip God’s people for ministry. The ARC will continue to provide a place to belong for leaders and churches who share the vision, mission, and values we have been given by God.


                Finally, the ARC will continue to provide helpful resources to you as a church. We will go on providing speaking and teaching resources. We will continue to offer networking and consulting resources of various sorts to help you navigate the questions and issues that come with being a congregation. And we will continue to provide resources for new staff placement, connecting congregations with leaders to fill staff needs.


    The Best Thing We Can Do For You

                In short, the ARC will continue to serve churches in many of the same ways we have in the past, but we will improve our effectiveness by increasing our focus and capacity to love, connect, and care for your leaders. This, in essence, is the best thing we can do for you because when leaders are growing in personal health and wholeness, and in their capacity to be effective leaders, that will have a direct impact upon your life as a congregation.


                Loving, connecting, and caring for leaders. Lay and ordained; volunteer and paid staff—this is who the ARC is; this is what the ARC does. We do this for those who officially become partners with the ARC and we do this for Friends of the ARC who God draws into relationship with us. As we are faithful to love, connect, and care for leaders, we will experience God working through us to impact congregations, communities, and countries for His kingdom purposes.