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The ARC is blessed with a number of creative, gifted authors.

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  • the father's gift

    paul anderson

    A life message from the founder of the Alliance of Renewal Churches and The Master's Institute Seminary, Paul Anderson. Click on the cover to get to Paul's email address where you can order a copy directly from him.

  • being a safe place for the dangerous kind

    michael bradley

    In a book encapsulating his life message, Mike uses Scripture to show how Jesus was a safe place and modeled for us how to best relate to others so they could be impacted by the love and power of God. For pastors, leaders, and laypeople alike, this is an essential resource for anyone interested in learning how to help others find restoration in Christ.

  • The Breaking

    Peter Churness

    The Breaking is an epic tale of political intrigue, romance, and the emotional soul searching of a man who would become one of the world's most influential figures. Three great religions would come to claim him as their forefather in faith. But where did Abraham's faith come from? Part historical fiction and part fantasy, The Breaking tells that story.

  • Reboot: 70 Life Lessons with Dallas Willard

    Dana Hanson

    A daily tool intended as a catalyst for life change aimed at the everyday adult and young adult. Along with Dallas' writings, author Dana Hanson, a long-time student and friend of Dallas, relies heavily on the influence of personal conversations with Dallas and the experiences he witnessed of the model of Dallas' life for over 12 years.

  • the karma of jesus

    mark herringshaw

    In this provocative book, Mark Herringshaw boldly explores two mutually exclusive visions of life: Karma and grace. Prompted by a chance-conversation with a spiritually curious young man, he gives us a probing look at the implications of Karma and the relevance of Christ's life.

    Named an Outreach Magazine Resource of the Year

  • Nine ways God Always speaks

    Mark Herringshaw & Jennifer Schuchmann

    Whether Christian or not, many people have unusual experiences, conditions, or encounters that have left them wondering, Is God trying to tell me something? The truth is, God does communicate with us all the time. We just need to learn how to hear his voice. Using stories and examples from people throughout history and today, Herringshaw and Schuchmann show readers how they can better tune in to God's voice—everywhere and every day.

  • Six Prayers God Always Answers

    Mark Herringshaw & Jennifer Schuchmann

    This book is the antithesis of every “traditional” book about prayer. It is light, engaging, entertaining, and honestly compelling. The authors dare to ask the questions about prayer many of us choose not to say out loud. For a thought-provoking, entertaining book on prayer, this book fits the bill.

  • superior getaway

    Tom Hilpert

    When Jonah and Leyla Borden embark on their honeymoon to Greece, the last thing they expect is to find themselves running for their lives from Albanian mobsters. It all starts innocently enough, with a big tip to an undeserving waitress. Their kindness inadvertently draws them into a tragic situation involving a missing girl, and they are not aware of how they have been deceived, until it is too late. Superior Getaway is the fourth entry in the Lake Superior Mystery series.

  • Superior Secrets

    Tom Hilpert

    It’s wintertime on the North Shore and the snow is thick on the ground. Jonah Borden, the coffee-guzzling, wisecracking, mystery-solving man of the cloth, is about to tie the knot with his sweetheart, Leyla Bennett. But just a few weeks before they do, Leyla decides to go undercover in a new cult to get an exclusive exposé which would make her name as a journalist. However, as time goes on, Borden is worried that her commitment to the troubling new religion and her devotion to its evil, charismatic leader are more than just professional. When Borden confronts the cult leader, he is turned away and threatened. Assisted by his friends, Jonah tries to find a way to get Leyla out. What he uncovers is bigger than any of them had guessed. Now, he’s in a race to save his own life, and those of his friends, before a powerful enemy finds them and destroys them. The third book in the Lake Superior Mystery series.

  • Superior Storm

    Tom Hilpert

    Pastor Jonah Borden loses the life savings of an elderly widow when the First National Bank of Grand Lake, Minnesota, is robbed. Now he is playing detective, trying to solve the crime and recover the widow’s money. But his friends in law-enforcement can’t seem to help him, and information about the case mysteriously disappears. In the meantime, he faces professional challenges, and to top it off, his own relationship with the beautiful Leyla Bennett is in troubled waters. Jonah must overcome a malicious plot against his life, the ghosts of his past, and face the fury of Superior itself, if he is to save himself and the ones he loves. The second book in the Lake Superior Mystery series.

  • Superior Justice

    Tom Hilpert

    Jonah Borden is not your typical Lutheran pastor, and he takes pains to make sure everyone knows it. He's a tough-guy, thinks-he's-funny, rock-music-playing, gourmet-cooking, painfully-moderate-drinking, hard-boiled man of the cloth. He is even available for a bit of romance, under the right circumstances. Set in the midst of the striking beauty of Minnesota's Lake Superior Coastline, Superior Justice is a thriller that will draw you in with its unique and quirky characters, and keep you guessing until the end. The first book in the Lake Superior Mystery series.

  • 7 Secrets of a meaningful life 

    dave housholder

    How do you arrive at happiness and a meaningful life? Author David Housholder unlocks Seven Secrets to find momentum and purpose in all areas of life. These seven often overlooked insights will empower you to slay the dragon of fear, escape the trap of impossible expectations, love others with confidence, magnify your God given strengths, throttle discouraging thoughts, declare guilt and shame bankruptcy, dance boldly with God, forgive from your heart, find true rest, and so much more. You can find the more you have been looking for, and start living your greater life today.

  • The Blackberry bush

    Dave Housholder

    Two babies were born on Nov. 9, 1989, Kati in Bonn and Josh in California. The Berlin Wall was crumbling. Fourteen years later the two are on flights at the same time, flying in opposite directions, switching continents. Though they have common roots, their lives do not cross paths until they are both twenty one. Then everything changes.

    "A story with the power to change your story." - Leonard Sweet, bestselling author, professor and speaker

  • Light Your Church On Fire Without Burning It Down

    Dave Housholder

    This is the definitive beginner's guide to the biggest and most dynamic social-spiritual movement in human history: Pentecostalism. In easy-to-understand lay language, Housholder brings you on a moving and personal "inside tour" through the heart of Pentecostal spirituality, practice, and temperament. Far from a mere arms-length survey, you will touch, taste, and smell the movement from within during this rollicking, fast, breathtaking read. This book will change your views on Pentecostal Christians and may well re-wire your spirituality as well.

    "I have personally sat under David Housholder's teaching on this topic, and I invite you to read this book and open yourself up to the potent, awareness-changing presence of the Holy Spirit in your life." Ken Blanchard, author of The One Minute Manager

  • changeling

    derek luptak

    A collection of poems chronicling the struggle of sprouting from barren soil. They are about the pain the butterfly experiences while escaping it's cocoon. They are about searching for God when all seems godless. They express that moment of emergence, that unexplainable transformation brought about by the Christian experience. Like the winds, who knows where they go or where they come from? We just enjoy them while they're here.

  • darkness to light

    danny mullins

    A down-to-earth, rubber-meets-the-road account of one man's journey out of depression. Unresolved emotional pain may be the greatest hindrance to becoming the people we were created to be. It can cripple in ways we are not even aware. It shapes our personality, relationships, and family dynamics. It can and will, without our permission, shape the path of our life. If emotional pain is not recognized and addressed, it can burrow deep within our souls and foster a life of darkness and depression.

  • experiential worship

    bob rognlien

    “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength” (Mark 12:30) should center our experience of God. From Christ we learn that biblical worship involves the following: volition (heart), emotion (soul), intellect (mind), and body (strength). Experiential Worship shows you how to create a place where worshipers come face-to-face with the Father. Index included for easy reference. Ideal for churches of all sizes.

  • The Dangerous kind

    graeme sellers

    Too long have we believed that the highest goal of Christianity is conforming people to good behavior, getting folks to follow the rules, making people nice. Now is the time to raise our danger quotient. "The Dangerous Kind" is a call to arms, a broadside on the tavern door decrying the state that Christians find ourselves in and demanding a change, in both attitude and behavior.

    "Must reading for every leader who wants to do more than create a church of merely nice and moral people. I don't recommend many books, but this is at the top of my list of recommendations" - ARC Director, Mike Bradley

  • If I Have Been Forgiven why do i still feel so bad? (e-book)

    Robert Walter

    ARC National Leadership Team member Robert Walter shines a light on one of the biggest obstacles to a fulfilled life as a disciple of Jesus Christ and points the way to finding help. To get the book, go to Robert's website and sign up to get the free download.