We commend the following teachers and seminars to help you train and support the members of your congregation to impact their world with God's power and God's love.

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  • being a safe place for the dangerous kind

    mike bradley

    In this seminar, Mike Bradley contends that in order to increase our effectiveness in developing healthy leaders and disciples in the church and living lives of witness in the world, we must rediscover what it means to live, like Jesus, as someone who is a safe place for others. This seminar can be presented to a variety of groups in your church including your staff, lay leaders, men's and women's groups, youth groups, and more.

    Email: safeplacemb@gmail.com

  • holy Spirit: what a difference he makes

    mike bradley

    In the ARC the empowering presence of Holy Spirit is expected, experienced, and celebrated in a responsible, biblical manner. In this seminar, Mike Bradley teaches on the filling and release of the Holy Spirit in a manner that is both biblical and consistent with a shared Lutheran heritage.

    Email: safeplacemb@gmail.com

  • Immanuel prayer

    danny Mullins

    We have heard that God is "Immanuel" but we are not always aware the he is with us every moment of our life as the name implies. The Immanuel prayer approach helps us connect to God in very tangible ways and removes the barriers that keep us from benefiting fully from all that God has given. It's a safe, simple, fruitful way to help people get face to face with God and let him do a deep work in our heart - pouring out love, joy, and truth.

    Immanuel Prayer is also one of the most effective ways we have encountered to help connect people with Christ's healing power in those painful and broken areas of their lives. Danny Mullins and Sharon Franta are excellent trainers and coaches in the ministry of Immanuel Prayer. They offer individual prayer appointments as well as training seminars.

    Danny's Email: pianodanny@gmail.com

  • management of ministry

    tom brashears

    In this seminar, participants examine a set of models for understanding and developing an expertise in managing the issues that will likely appear once they walk into a ministry regardless of the size, place, or nature of where God sends them. They will learn behaviors and techniques that can help them effectively mange, support, and help the people of God sends them. This seminar is very hands on and practical with a participatory pedagogy.

    Email: pastortom@gslcirvine.org

  • Prophecy & Hearing the Voice of God

    Graeme Sellers

    This course is designed to help ordinary people recognize that it is in them to hear the voice of God, believe what God says about them and for others, and become everything God purposes for them to be. Participants learn how to assess what is legitimately prophetic and what is not, and minister the prophetic responsibly and humbly. Prophetic practice sessions will be provided–opportunities both to minister prophetically and receive prophetic ministry from each other.

    Email: g.sellers@wonderfulmercy.org

  • sharing your story

    sharon franta and heidi mcclure

    One way to live God's love out loud is by sharing and letting others into the profound and powerful parts of our stories. In this seminar, Sharon Franta or Heidi McClure can help us identify slices of our live and understand the significant impact our testimonies can have on the lives of others. In addition to their teaching, Sharon and Heidi provide an opportunity to practice writing and sharing our stories with one another. Participants will begin to see how their stories are not only a means of sharing wisdom and blessing with others, they are in fact spiritual legacies that we can leave along the way.

    Sharon's Email: sharonfranta@gmail.com

    Heidi's Email: info@arcusa.org

  • spiritual direction

    danny mullins

    "Spiritual direction is a prayer process in which a person seeking help in cultivating a deeper personal relationship with God meets with another for prayer and conversation that is focused on increasing the awareness of God in the midst of life experiences and facilitating surrender to God's will" (David Benner, Sacred Companions). In spiritual direction we seek to become aware of the often-unnoticed movements of the Spirit in our life. A spiritual director is someone trained to listen and watch for those movements in a fellow traveler. Danny Mullins offers training and coaching in the ministry of Spiritual Direction, and serves as a spiritual director for others. Appointments are available in person, by phone, or via Skype.

    Email: pianodanny@gmail.com

  • spiritual formation

    danny mullins

    According to Paul's admonition in the book of Romans, we have been destined to be conformed to the image of Christ. That is not something reserved for the next life, but is God's desire for us now. But how does this happen? If church attendance, Bible reading, Christian service, and financial giving, as biblical as they are, could accomplish that purpose many of us would look and act more like Jesus than we currently do.

    Spiritual formation is the teaching of tried and true practices that have for centuries been key in creating space for God in our daily walk within which He transforms our lives through His Spirit. In this seminar participants are taught how to create a rhythm of life that leads to an ever-increasing Christlikeness.

    Email: pianodanny@gmail.com