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  • called as friends

    joel bidderman, bob mabry & Bruce Goode

    When we were thinking of what to title this project, the theme that God seemed to highlight in our hearts through the lyrics of the songs was "Called as Friends." This title (which is also the name of one of Bob's songs) is reflective of the theme for two reasons: 1) As followers of Christ, God calls us His friends. He chooses us, and desires that we not only experience lives of faith, but that we would have life abundantly. 2) The process of this project has been a time of just enjoying friendship and fellowship with one another. As Christ followers we are called to be a Body, and this project has been a celebration of that.

  • Dust: The Nomad Chronicles, Vol. 1

    Joel Bidderman

    "This release reminds me of acoustic, story-telling artists such as James Taylor, Jim Croce, and Phil Keaggy. This CD is for anyone who enjoys this style of music and the telling of story in lyrics. It reminds us of the bigger story of our journey in this world, that it is in fact a journey through a land that is not our home. Joel reminds us that we are we are on a journey toward the new heaven and new earth that will one day be our home. His lyrics speak to the emotions of our heart, the reality of our experience as nomads in this world, the kind of life we are called to live on our journey, and to the Lord who is with us in each step we take.”  - Mike Bradley, ARC Director

  • a prelude to tomorrow

    joel bidderman

  • depravity, grace, and reckless abandon

    Joel bidderman

  • When Worlds Collide

    Joel Biddderman

  • maybe it's time

    kari hilpert

    In early 2014 Kari felt compelled to finish the CD she had started years before. She felt God opening the doors and things fell into place easily. “Maybe it's Time” was released on October 1, 2014 and is a compilation of songs of life and its struggles, faith, and overcoming the past with hope. Kari has done shows at various venues around Nashville, including Lulu's Coffee Cafe in Watertown, Tennessee and the famous Bluebird Cafe in Nashville. She also enjoys doing house concerts and loves to help others learn how to host these.