spiritual direction

Loving, connecting, and caring for leaders is the vision God has given us in the ARC. One means of carrying out this vision is the ancient and vital ministry of Spiritual Direction.

“Spiritual direction is the act of spiritual friendship, one person coming alongside another to help them, in the presence of God, to notice the work of God in their lives.  It is not mentoring, coaching, counseling, or accountability.  Rather it is, arm in arm, walking with another down their road, accompanying them on their journey for the ‘soul’ purpose of seeing them realize everything God has in His mind for their lives.  By God's grace, a spiritual director helps point out what appears to be the fingerprints of God in a person's life, calling their attention to things they may have missed due to familiarity or busy-ness.  It's the art of asking good questions, something that Jesus often did and was very good at, questions that probe our hearts and reveal our desires" (Danny Mullins, Spiritual Director).

Caring for our souls in an intentional manner is critical for growth in emotional, relational, and spiritual wholeness. The fruit of spiritual direction can be an experience of healing from things that have been hindering us from more fully experiencing the abundant life God longs for us to live, and freedom from things in our past we did not know were still influencing our present in unhelpful ways.

The ARC has trained spiritual directors which you can connect with. If you would like to speak to one of these spiritual directors, you can find their contact information below.