For decades, people have presumed that a pastor’s commitment to the church would easily supersede any grievances regarding meager wages, exhausting hours, or a barrage of relational conflicts. While some congregations may be relatively unscathed by these kinds of troubles, we recognize that for the Church-at-large, times are tough. Pastors are joining “the great resignation” at alarming rates.

According to Barna, about 38% of Protestant senior pastors surveyed have considered leaving ministry over the past year. Among pastors under age 45, that number rose to 46%.

We MUST respond.

The Alliance of Renewal Churches exists to encourage and equip leaders in the face of everyday obstacles and disappointments so that the Church of Jesus Christ will flourish.

Here's what Nate had to say about his experience in our network:

“The sea we call the American Church can often be turbulent, taxing, and treacherous. The Alliance of Renewal Churches provides me with an ark  that can be trusted to weather that sea, what storms may come.”

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