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I am often asked why I believe so deeply in the need for a network such as the Alliance of Renewal Churches (ARC). I can sum up my answer in three words: Relationship, atmosphere, and wholeness. To be a member in the ARC means being committed to building relationships that are authentic and safe, creating an atmosphere that is rich with a tangible sense of God’s presence, and growing in emotional, relational, and spiritual wholeness.

Life and ministry in the ARC are experienced in the context of kingdom friendships. We highly value relationships that are authentic and safe. Life and ministry in the ARC are experienced as being on mission for Jesus with a band of brothers and sisters who are for you and against anything that would harm you. Friends who will not let each other settle for anything less than all God has in store for us.

Our desire is to encourage one another to be living lives that can only be explained by Holy Spirit's presence and power. We want to live lives that have a healthy disregard for the impossible and connect people to God's goodness and extravagant love for them.

The atmosphere of life and ministry in the ARC is set within the boundaries of historic Christian orthodoxy, the ARC's core values, and an embracing of the best of the evangelical, sacramental, and charismatic streams of the Christian Faith.


We are committed to developing more than merely nice and moral people in the ARC. Our intent is to develop followers of Jesus who are potent for the purposes of God, men and women who live dangerously for the kingdom of God and as a real threat to the dominion and purposes of our enemy. This is why I believe so passionately in the need for a network like the ARC.


Graeme Sellers,

President, ARC National Leadership Team