Leaders caring for leaders.

It's that simple...and profound.

Everything we do is to surround pastors and ministry partners with a circle of support.

Here's why it matters:

  • There are very few safe places where attention and care are given to leaders who spend themselves on others.
  • Many leaders in the church are lonely, without close friends or meaningful peer relationships, leaving them vulnerable to depression and discouragement.
  • Those who are intentionally cared for and connected, stand a better chance of thriving in ministry—those who aren't are likely to burn out and give up.
  • Supported leaders have better capacity to love, connect with, and care for their families, staff, lay leaders, and the people they serve.
  • Leaders who experience greater growth in emotional, relational, and spiritual wholeness will grow in healthy and non-manipulative ministry practices.


Though we are called the Alliance of Renewal Churches, our primary focus is actually caring for the individual leader.

We believe that healthy church cultures begin with healthy leaders, so we are intentional in our pursuit to provide safe communities for leader-support. Our pastors and ministry partners come from evangelical, sacramental, and Spirit-filled traditions so we gather with expectancy, and have a rational disregard for the impossible.

At our Life Together Events we're encouraged with coaching, community, worship, and development -- and we can't wait for you to join us to experience it for yourself!